New Cisco Audit Compliance Scorecard Helps Businesses Identify Problem Areas in their Business Processes to Make Passing Cisco Audit EasierCisco Audit Compliance Scorecard Free Download Thumbnail

Oakville, Ontario – May 23, 2012Promys Inc., a leader in PSA software for the IT solutions provider industry, is excited to introduce the new Cisco Audit Compliance Scorecard. Promys software provides visibility into many Cisco audit criteria areas which can help IT systems integrator businesses pass their Cisco audit more easily.

“At Promys, we know how time consuming, resource intensive and stressful it can be for everyone involved in passing a Cisco Audit. We also know how important it is to achieve higher levels of Cisco certification as end customers are placing a greater emphasis on certifications when considering which Cisco partner to work with,” says John Breakey, founder and former CEO of Cisco Gold partner Unis Lumin, and current Promys CEO. “By offering the Cisco Audit Compliance Scorecard, we hope to provide IT Solution provider businesses with an easy-to-use and effective tool to assess their company’s performance in critical areas of the Cisco Audit.”

The Promys Cisco Audit Compliance Scorecard is designed to:

  • Help your business assess your ability to pass your Cisco Audit
  • Provide insight into Cisco Audit areas that need improvement
  • Provide next steps to make it easier to pass your Cisco Audit

Interested businesses can download this practical tool by visiting our Cisco Audit Compliance Scorecard download page.

“IT Solution provider businesses have had great success with our existing Mid-Project Profitability Scorecard that identifies gaps in mid-project profitability and our Labor Utilization Scorecard which offers an additional layer of insight and labor metrics to make informed decisions,” Breakey continues.

Breakey adds, “Ideally, you want your business to pass your Cisco Audit as painlessly as possible. With the review of your business processes that the Cisco Audit Compliance Scorecard provides, you will be able to identify problem areas and determine the best solutions, not just pass your Cisco Audit, but to pass with flying colors.”

For more information about Promys, please visit or call 1-866-728-2345 or email us at For updates on the release of future scorecards, be sure to sign up for our email mailing list by entering your email at the bottom right hand corner of the Promys website.

About Promys Inc.

The PROMYS professional service automation software was originally developed in 1998 to address the fundamental problem that the IT solution provider and it systems integrator industries face; how to tie services together with complex equipment solution delivery and multi-layered post-sales support.

In 2003, PROMYS was spun off as its own corporate entity. PROMYS quickly added customers in the IT solution provider and IT systems integrator marketplace, including one of the largest and most recognized technology solution providers in the world.

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