PSA Promys Software at Boardwalk Communications

Oakville – October 13th, 2009 – PROMYS, a leader in enterprise business software for field services organizations, announced that it has been awarded a contract by Boardwalk Communications, a CISCO Premier Certified Partner and one of the largest resellers of CISCO equipment in British Columbia. PROMYS’s business software was selected in order to provide the software infrastructure required to support Boardwalk’s multi-location growth, as well as to provide management with real-time visibility into project profitability, cash flow, resource utilization and customer satisfaction.


The PROMYS enterprise software will automate all operational aspects of Boardwalk’s business. PROMYS will track sales contacts, opportunities and create quotes. Sales information will then directly feed the order fulfillment process, including scheduling, invoicing and change order management. Field service and help desk functionality will provide dispatching, trouble ticket, time sheet, expenses and resource utilization reporting. Boardwalk customers & partners will be able to access data via a “self-serve” portal.


“We had several disconnected systems managing the different aspects of our business, separate Accounting, Help Desk and Contact Management software” said Philip Stone, President of Boardwalk. “As we continued to grow we started experiencing challenges around duplicate effort, entering the same data into multiple systems and having to access multiple systems in order to get a complete picture of the status of a project or order. PROMYS software addressed all of our needs in a single software solution, providing seamless, real-time multi-location visibility into all aspects of our business, anytime we want it”.

“Since we do a lot of ‘fixed-cost’ projects and guarantee there will be no hidden or surprise costs to our customers, having real-time visibility into all aspects of a project will make it much easier to ensure we are always on time and on budget. Being able to get that visibility in real-time, from a single repository of data linking the original quote, sales order, work order, project plan, change orders and the invoice, ensures that what we quote to the customer is always exactly what we’ll deliver. Combining Boardwalk’s Practiced Delivery methodology with real-time access to information regarding all aspects of a project will also allow us to be even more responsive to our customers.”


Mauro Lollo, CTO of PROMYS adds “The real-time visibility into all operational aspects of the company’s business is what allows management to make better decisions regarding resource allocation, cash flow and provide more proactive customer service, which leads to greater business success and profitability.”


About Boardwalk Communications


Boardwalk Communications has quickly established itself as one of Cisco’s predominant partners in British Columbia delivering custom solutions to a broad range of business clients. Boardwalk’s owner-managed business model, and extensive industry experience, foster ingenuity, flexibility and a level of personal service unparalleled amongst competing providers of network solutions.



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