Forward thinking L2K Group is poised for growth and chooses the right business automation software from Promys to get them there.

Mississauga, Ontario – December 11, 2013 – Promys, a leader in enterprise professional services automation (PSA) software for the Managed IT Services industry, announced that it has been awarded a contract by L2K Technology Group, a quickly growing Managed IT Services solution provider. Promys’ PSA software was selected in order to help L2K Group make profitable growth decisions by providing real-time visibility into resource and revenue forecasting, mid-project profitability and detailed company margin analytics.

“The Managed IT Service solutions that we deliver to our clients allow them to focus on their core competencies and leave managing their IT infrastructure to us. But, in our own business, our previous business software (Connectwise) was becoming a distraction to running our business. Instead of the business enabler we had hoped for when first implemented, slow system response and support issues were consuming way too much time and attention.” said Michael Lindsay, Managing Partner, L2K Group.

“We have very aggressive growth plans, so we needed to select a system that would not only support our current needs but, one that would handle the increasing complexity of our company as our growth continues. With Promys, we know that no matter how aggressively we grow, we won’t outgrow our software infrastructure, so now we can go back to focusing on growing and managing our business, as opposed to managing our business software.” – Michael Lindsay, Managing Partner, L2K Group.

John Breakey, founder and former CEO of Unis Lumin, a Cisco Gold Partner and current CEO of Promys agrees, “The most successful companies are forward-thinking like L2K Group. They don’t just consider their current needs, but look ahead and plan for future growth. Promys’ PSA software is the perfect solution to help their management team have full visibility into all operational aspects of their company and provide the information required to make their future growth decisions.”

Promys also offers useful tools that help businesses determine the success of their existing processes to help them manage labor utilization, have a clear view of mid-project profitability and make it easier to pass a Cisco Audit. Interested businesses can download these practical tools for free by visiting and downloading the Promys  Mid-Project Profitability Scorecard and Cisco Audit Compliance Scorecard.

NEW! A Labor Utilization Quick Start Guide for service managers who want to maximize services profitability and get labor utilization under control.


About Promys

Promys is currently used by some of the largest IT Solution providers in North America. PROMYS was originally developed in 1998 to address the fundamental problem that IT solution providers face – how to tie professional services together with complex equipment solution delivery and multi-layered post sales support.

In 2003, Promys was spun off as its own corporate entity. Promys quickly added customers in the IT solution provider, systems integrator and managed services marketplace, including one of the largest and most recognized technology solution providers in the world.

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About L2K Technology Group

L2K Technology Group is a professional Managed IT Services solution provider offering business and technology consulting, management and services throughout North America. L2K Group understands that not every business has the ability to pay for, monitor or fully staff an internal IT department in order to ensure all aspects of their technology are supported. Without sufficient, dedicated IT support, every business will eventually find themselves facing a very expensive recovery from a disaster, security breach or other emergency. It is not a matter of ‘IF’ but, “WHEN’. Additionally, using out-of-date or ineffective technology is simply a waste of both time and money, impacting your biggest expense – labor.

L2K Group wants to help your business carefully examine your technical needs in order to see what solutions will be most beneficial to your company’s bottom line. Managed IT Services Providers can offer services from fully out-sourced technology management, to staff segmentation or even unbiased audits of your internal IT department that not only reduce technology costs over time, but also improve security, efficiency and functionality, which in turn saves time. When this balance is achieved, any business is in the perfect position to thrive and grow.

For more information on L2K Technology Group please visit, email or call 1-757-598-1139.

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