Customer Asset Tracking & Inventory Management for Growing Businesses

Having trouble tracking changes to customer assets, allocated and non-allocated inventory?

Business is booming, customers are ordering a more wide-ranging group of products every day. You’ve got multiple orders coming in and customers are depending on you to deliver hardware, software and other products when they need them, but you’re trying to manage cash flow and tracking inventory affects your bottom line.

Promys Enterprise PSA Customer Asset Tracking & Inventory automatically tracks customer assets, allocated, non-allocated, maintenance and rental inventory, including RMA’s, and updates any changes in real-time.

Promys Customer Asset Tracking & Inventory makes your team more effective by:

  • Tracking customer assets, allocated, maintenance, rental and stock inventory
  • Tracking asset serial numbers, IP address, install site, warranty, service contract numbers and service contract expiry dates
  • Receiving allocated inventory directly against specific sales orders
  • Managing all inventory types in multiple locations

None of our customers want to be distributors, but they do have to manage project and customer inventory.

Promys Customer Asset Tracking & Inventory gives you complete access to all project-specific inventory, customer assets, maintenance, rental and stock inventory.

Promys Enterprise PSA Software… the next generation of PSA software has arrived.

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