Physical Security & Fire Protection Integrators

A growing business gets more complex. Managing profits and cash flow is critical. 
Finding a solution that was designed for my business is so important.  Sound familiar?
Now You Have a Solution – PROMYS CRM/PSA/Helpdesk for Physical Security & Fire Protection Integrators.

Our Unique Needs:

  • Make it simple, fast & easy for my sales and technical people to use the system
  • Easy, editable quote templates when there are 50 plus line items on a project 
  • Alerts when batteries, detectors or extinguishers need to be serviced next year & beyond. 
  • Manage taxes for real & tangible property materials (cameras, cabling)
  • Prevent missed billing of frequent, ongoing change requests
  • Need to more accurately forecast margin, revenue and resource capacity
  • Add sub contractors to work assignments & resource tracking

Day to Day Integrator Issues:

  • Leverage project templates for large, complex orders
  • Options to send quotes with summary or detail line items to customers
  • See job costs against quote during and after a project or service contract ends
  • Predict 3 month labor forecast & detailed resource utilization analysis
  • Fast rescheduling of people & work assignments
  • Managed Service Contracts (Inventory Tracking with Serial #s, expiry date reminders)

Reduce cost, increase profit, and deliver results

Your entire company can work from the same data and get real time client information, anywhere, anytime from a desktop or mobile.  PROMYS is a complete web-based Workflow Management solution including:

  • CRM with Marketing & Quote Modules
  • Order Processing (Sales Order, PO, Shipping, Invoice)
  • Work Order & Service Ticketing (Service Zone & Skill-Type filters)
  • Resource Scheduling, Project Task Mgnt, Gantt Charts, Expense Tracking
  • Customer Portal & Mobile
  • Integrations to Accounting, Calendar, Email, Timesheet, Web Forms & Document files
  • KPI Snapshot reporting 

PROMYS is ready to improve your business with fast, turnkey deployment. The system is easy to learn and maintain using your current staff and requires no hardware or software capital investment.

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