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Promys delivers a seamless customer experience by offering a fully integrated solution.

CRM & Marketing

Sales Management

Order Administration

Project Management

Help Desk/Service

Mobile Access

Managed Services


CRM and Marketing

Manage companies, divisions, contacts and addresses from a single point.  See all of the opportunities, quotes, orders, projects, tickets, contracts and invoices for a customer at a single glance.  Update a phone number or address once and avoid duplication. 

  • Company & Division tiers
  • Support multiple addresses with designation
    (ship to, service, billing, etc.)
  • Set default billing terms, currency, prime contact, sales rep
  • Contact Logs track all customer interactions & conversations
  • Lead entry & lead tracking
  • Single view of all customer activities/transactions
  • Import external lists of Companies and/or Contacts
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Create target marketing lists and campaigns
  • One-click to call or email customer directly on Mobile

Sales Management

Track a sale as it develops from lead to opportunity, to quote and sales order. Get real-time visibility into revenue, margin, and resource planning. Promys’ integrated quote function eliminates 3rd party tools and leverages the built-in workflow engine, saving time and duplication. Benefit from a wide range of Forecasting options in real-time and auto distribution.

  • Milestone progression:
    Lead > Opportunity > Quote > Sales Order
  • Advanced quoting engine with threshold approvals and links to price books
  • Display margin on Quotes & Sales Orders
  • Subscription, Inside Sales & Managed Service sales
  • Email quotes to customers (URL or PDF) and Online approvals
  • Quote Templates and multiple print display options
  • Create Project labor task/milestone plans, integrated to project module
  • Commission reports
  • Supplier price or cost change alerts

Order Administration

Quotes become Sales Orders with one click. You can manage the entire order administration process from one single screen.  Track ordering needs, scheduled resources, shipped equipment, and customer invoices so that nothing is missed. View your resell, maintenance, and rental inventory plus customer assets. Invoicing supports progress and milestone billing along with cash flow reporting.


  • Fully integrated workflow of Sales Order, PO’s, Inventory Receiving, Packing Slips RMAs, Invoicing, and Credit Memos
  • Queued to-do lists of PO’s & Invoices for admin staff
  • Change Orders
  • Consolidated Invoicing of multiple service orders
  • PO threshold limits & authorization approval
  • Tax tables with auto calculation from ship-to address
  • Add shipping and travel expense on Invoices
  • Deposit, progress billing, milestone & automated Invoicing
  • Accounting Integration to major vendors (Customer, PO, Invoice…)

Project & Resource Management

Managing projects and resources is critical in a service-based business.  Projects, tasks, and work assignments are all connected so nothing is missed. Consultants or technicians can access their assignments on the desktop or mobile app. Timesheets are easy and fast to update (Excel-like grid) making it convenient for field staff. Forecast service billing for future months and estimate resource capacity for pending sales.


  • Resource booking calendar (single or recurring – one or multi resources)
  • Resource utilization forecasting & billable/non-billable hours tracking
  • Project Task Templates –aggregate multiple templates into one
  • Gantt & milestone charts (drag & drop)
  • Resource selection by skill/certification type
  • Time Sheets with submission approvals & workday calendar templates
  • Auto email Assignment notification to resource(s) & managers
  • Mobile interface (IOS & Android) with GPS and customer auto arrival notification
  • Time and material billing, block time assignments, and/or central dispatch
  • Project progress tracking

Mobile Access

You can access Promys on your Smartphone while on the road. The mobile app supports both native Android and IOS. Configure the start page based on your role. View, add or update any appointment or ticket assignment. Take pictures as proof of work completed and attach it as a record to both project and service tickets.  Check out the latest updates.

  • Search/view all customer contacts
  • Quick-click customer phone calls & email (Sales & Field staff)
  • Android & IOS native app
  • Start/Stop timer with log
  • View/open daily assignments and appointments
  • GPS auto arrival notification
  • Customer signature approval
  • View device service history
  • Add personal expenses
  • Attach pictures and expense receipt images


Help Desk / Service

User-defined workflow can notify customers, managers and techs when a ticket is created, updated or closed. User-defined color-coding and escalations support an unlimited number of different ticket priorities. Technicians see the type of contract, SLA and software/subscriptions/equipment coverage, right in the ticket on mobile and desktop. Service ticket invoices can include “back-up sheets” detailing services provided along with proof of value reporting.

  • Level 1 and Level 2 ticketing
  • Start/Stop timer with log
  • Multi-level SLA escalation alert notification
  • Service Contract management
  • Integrated RMM ticket creation to major RRM vendors
  • Personal expense allocation to ticket
  • Direct Invoice of tickets (including single & multi-ticket invoicing)
  • Allocate to pre-bill, pre-authorized, or Managed Service tracking account
  • 3 tier RMA & automatic update of customer asset serial # with RMA
  • Import customer-owned assets


Managed Services

Service contracts and subscription sales are growing as a mix of a service-based, business revenues and margin. Keeping track of the ongoing service commitments, recording license changes (up or down) and monitoring costs/profitability during the term of the contract is essential for success. Promys’ managed services module was designed for the unique needs of MSP’s.

  • Subscription management with change history log
  • Transaction log – costs and revenue
  • Automated recurring Invoices with history log
  • Serialized customer asset tracking
  • Pre-schedule maintenance work assignments
  • Service Agreements (single or multi) with renewal notification
  • Pre-bill and pre-authorized tracking accounts with threshold alerts
  • Multi-level SLA escalation alert notification
  • Integration with popular RMM software



Unlike disjointed systems, Promys delivers a complete picture of your business in real-time. Consolidating data from multiple systems is slow, labor intensive, and subject to error. Enjoy a 360-degree view of the business and accurately monitor KPIs. Three levels of report outputs offer a range of views and access from sales reps to CEOs. Export on-screen grids to Excel. Generate monthly reports from the reports library. Using the Promys BI analysis server, you can do a deep dive into the information that you wish you’d but could never get.

  • Business KPI Analytics
  • Auto email reports to managers weekly
  • Create custom reports
  • Executive & departmental KPIs
  • Work-in-Progress (WIP) reporting
  • Resource utilization forecasting
  • Margin & Revenue reporting with probability factoring
  • Project Profitability including detail labor analysis
  • Commission Reporting


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