Best reviewed Project Management for technology solution providers and MSP’s

Proactively manage risk, billable utilization and project margins

Your business is growing, projects are getting larger and project risk is getting harder to manage. If Project managers only get visibility into project profitability after the project closes,  that’s too late. They need to get in front of project issues and proactively manage risk, utilization and project profitability.

Promys PSA Project Management provides PMs with real-time visibility into project cost against budget performance. Tracks utilization & resource scheduling.

Promys Project Management makes your PMs more effective by:

  • Compare detailed estimates to actuals in real-time, as services and products are being delivered. PMs always know where they stand regarding mid-project profitability.
  • Gant charts link directly to the project schedule, any changes to the Gant automatically update the project schedule.
  • See monthly, weekly and daily calendar views of all resource bookings and availability. Link to resources personal calendars.
  • Detailed Job Costing allows PMs to easily cycle implementation lessons learned back into the quoting process.
  • Supports work breakdown task structure (WBS) with dependencies and automatic escalations.

Can your project managers make your business outshine your competition?

In addition to providing your PMs with great visibility into individual project profitability, Promys also provides company analytics and reporting that highlight  utilization, as well as your most profitable services customers, labor types and resources.

Promys Enterprise PSA Software…one of the best reviewed PSA business software solutions for technology solution providers and MSP’s.

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