Managed Services Providers

Get Better Insight into Client and Project information. PROMYS will Help You Meet or Exceed Service Levels and Demonstrate Your Company’s Ongoing Value.

MSP Business Concerns:

  • Need to drive more recurring revenue
  • Need to ensure Service Level Agreements are being adhered to
  • Need for better visibility into Customer equipment under Service Agreement
  • Need to provide clients with timely & accurate information regarding Service Agreements
  • Need to ensure that Service Contract renewal revenue is being maximized
  • Need to manage both internal and 3rd party manufacturer Service Agreements

Day to Day MSP Issues:

  • Inability to demonstrate Service Contract value to clients due to lack of accurate reporting
  • Not making money on all Service contracts
  • Risk of not meeting critical Service Levels
  • Risk of Customer equipment not being covered accurately under by Service Contracts
  • Risk of Service contract renewal revenue opportunities being missed
  • Risk of relying too heavily on 3rd party manufacturers to track 3rd party Service contracts

How PROMYS Helps VARs Reduce Cost, Increase Profit and Deliver Results

PROMYS is a complete web-based Business Management solution. It helps your company with critical business management functions such as:

  • CRM
  • Quoting
  • Order fulfillment
  • Inventory
  • Invoicing
  • Field service management
  • Helpdesk
  • and more

Your entire company can work from the same data and get real time client and project information, anywhere, anytime from a web browser. With PROMYS you can:

  • Link Quote information for Service Contracts, and equipment under Service Contract, to Project fulfillment and receiving information
  • Track equipment serial numbers under Service contract, contract numbers for each unique serial number and expiry dates for each item under contract
  • Track internal and 3rd party Service contracts, Service calls and margin per Service Contract
  • Enter critical data only once and it will be associated with specific customers and projects
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