Physical Security Integrators

Shrinking profit margins. Increased competition. Clients want more, for less. Sound familiar? Now You Have a Solution – PROMYS – Professional Services Automation for Physical Security Integrators.

Physical Security Integrator Business Concerns:

  • Need to manage more complex projects effectively
  • Need to Quote more accurately to protect margins
  • Quote and fulfillment information needs to be better coordinated
  • Lack of visibility into mid-project profitability
  • Need to drive more recurring revenue
  • Need to meet Clients expectation of more aggressive Service Levels
  • Need to more accurately forecast revenue and resource requirements
  • Need to ensure more accurate and timely billing including change orders

Day to Day Physical Security Integrator Issues:

  • Why must our PM’s struggle with progress billing and coordinating information from multiple different systems?
  • Why are Quotes so complex? And why must we leverage multiple vendor catalogues?
  • How can I create the summary quotes that our Customers prefer without including project fulfillment details?
  • Why can’t our PM’s see Project cost against budget results until after the project closes?
  • Are we living up to Service Level Agreements? Are all Service Contracts profitable?
  • How much un-billable field resource time do we have? In what categories?
  • By the time information is collected to make a decision, is the information still accurate?
  • Why are different people working on different versions of the same information?

PROMYS helps Physical Security Integrators reduce cost, increase profit and deliver results. PROMYS is a complete web-based Business Management solution. It helps your company with critical business management functions such as:

  • CRM
  • Quoting
  • Order fulfillment
  • Inventory
  • Invoicing
  • Field service management
  • Helpdesk
  • and more

Your entire company can work from the same data and get real time client and project information, anywhere, anytime from a web browser. With PROMYS you can:

  • Link Quote information for Service Contracts, and equipment under Service Contract, to Project fulfillment and receiving information
  • Track equipment serial numbers under Service contract, contract numbers for each unique serial number and expiry dates for each item under contract
  • Track internal and 3rd party Service contracts, Service calls and margin per Service Contract
  • Enter critical data only once and it will be associated with specific customers and projects

PROMYS is ready to improve your business with fast, turnkey deployment. The system is easy to learn and maintain using your current staff, and requires almost no hardware or software capital investment.


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