Worried you’re not tracking hours properly or maximizing billable utilization?

It’s a struggle to ensure everyone is accurately tracking their time, a constant fire drill to schedule resources and you’re worried that ‘little bits of time’ go missing affecting billable utilization and contract profitability. And don’t even get you started about how long it takes to get billable Services invoices out the door.

Promys cloud based CRM, Help Desk, Project Management PSA Software Time & Billing tracks both billable and non-billable time (vacation, pre-sales, etc.), flags tasks when they’re overdue, communicates changes to schedules in real-time, integrates with your techs’ Outlook or Google calendars, all via their smartphones or tablets.

Promys cloud based Time & Billing makes your team more effective by:
  • Providing four easy time entry methods: 1) Stop watch, 2) Elapsed time, 3) Time sheet, 4) e-mail (yes e-mail)
  • Tracks billable utilization by resource and department, color-codes un-billable hours to make them easier to identify
  • Drag and drop work assignments in the resource calendar (month, week, day view). Integrates with personal Outlook or Gmail calendars..
  • Automatic notifications and escalations if assignments are overdue.
  • Tracks hours against Support & Managed Services Contracts, or pre-paid blocks of hours.

Report billable utilization, support contract or managed services profitability. Service profitability by customer, labor type, resource, or line of business.

Promys Time and Billing will provide excellent insight into billable utilization, but it can also tell you who are your most profitable  customers, labor types, project managers and resources. Promys also shares Time & Billing Best Practices as part of our 20 Step  “easy way” Implementation Guide.

Promys cloud based CRM, Help Desk, Project Management PSA Software…, one of the best reviewed business software solutions for IT/MSP, Physical Security, or Audio Visual Technology Solution Providers

Check out our video or get the PSA Comparison guide to buying the right cloud based CRM, Help Desk, Project Management PSA software for your business.
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