Time and Billing for Growing Businesses

Worried you’re not maximizing billable utilization or tracking hours properly?

Your professional services team is growing, resources are becoming more specialized and there are more concurrent projects on the go. If you’re struggling to accurately forecast, schedule and track resources’ time, your labor utilization, customer satisfaction and services profitability are going to suffer.

Promys Enterprise PSA Time & Billing integrates with your field techs’ Outlook or Google calendars, communicates changes to their schedules in real-time, flags tasks when they’re overdue, tracks both billable and non-billable time (vacation, pre-sales, etc.), all managed and monitored via their smartphones or tablets.

Promys Time & Billing makes your team more effective by:

  • Tracking labor utilization by department and resource, color-coding un-billable hours to make them easier to identify, and forecasting specialized resources required 30-60-90 days from now.
  • Automatically booking assignments in your field resources’ Outlook or Gmail calendars, allowing techs to complete assignments on their smartphone or tablet, and dragging and dropping assignments from one tech to another in the master resource calendar.
  • Receiving automatic notifications and escalations if assignments are overdue.

Billable utilization isn’t the only time and billing reporting that will make your business more profitable.

Promys Time and Billing will provide excellent insight into billable utilization, but it can also tell you who are your most profitable services customers, labor types, project managers and resources.

Promys Enterprise PSA Software… the next generation of PSA software has arrived.

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