At Promys we understand your challenges.  Here’s why.

Promys was originally developed for a Cisco Gold/Master partner that offered professional services, technology solutions, and managed services. That company grew to over 150 employees before being acquired in 2011.

“I ran a national Cisco IT/MSP Technology solution provider for 20 years. We grew into an amazing full services integrator with over 150 employees before selling the company to Softchoice in 2011. Promys PSA software was created as a single solution that could support the growth and complexity of a multi-office, IT, full-service business. We achieved the status of a highly respected integrator by developing  industry best practices. Those industry best practices are now embedded in Promys for our customers to apply to their business.”

 John Breakey, CEO of Promys, previously CEO of UNIS LUMIN 



The Promys Advantage

  • One Integrated System – Are you paying more, perhaps twice, for less functionality by operating multiple CRM, Help Desk, PSA, or inventory solutions? When employees are forced to use multiple workflow solutions it adds complexity and frustration, and the separate software licenses restrict company-wide access and create wasteful questions and delays. 

  • Eliminate Duplication– In a multi-solution environment, customer records are duplicated and quickly go out of sync. For employees, updating one system and not the others is painful. As your customer base grows, this lack of visibility across functions becomes a disaster waiting to happen. 

  • Real time KPIs– Data analytics is everything today. With a single system that hosts everything in one place, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are immediately available and accurate – to the day. Conversely, compiling data from multiple solutions requires more effort and results in less frequent updates and delays collecting and collating data. 

  • Integrated Workflow – Emails, Word, and Excel documents were never intended as workflow tools. They may work when you are starting out but hurt a growing business. Profitable growth is easier when you deal with increased complexity and volume. Automating workflows between employees in your customer journey saves time, produces a better customer experience, and eliminates errors. With Promys you initiate a quote, sales order, inventory, service call, and invoice in one seamless process. We make sure you never miss a step or drop the ball. 

When you choose Promys you’ve committed to lift your profitability, increase your cash flow, reduce bank financing, delight your customers, and stand out from competitors.


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