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Promys PSA Software Client Testimonials

Replacing Autotask with Promys PSA

Autotask was a very good solution for us over the last four years, but as we’ve grown and the business has become more complex we’ve been facing more and more sales cycle management and procurement challenges. It’s clear that Promys was designed as “Enterprise Business Software” for more complex professional services organizations. The new HTML5 device-independent version of Promys will allow our employees to respond even more quickly during customer interactions, whether they’re in the office or in the field, which is exactly the kind of competitive advantage we want to leverage.
Read more from Brian Gifford, CEO of Gifford Associates.

Replacing Connectwise with Promys PSA

Our previous business software was becoming a distraction to running our business. Instead of the business enabler we had hoped for when we first implemented, slow system response and support issues were consuming way too much time and attention. With Promys, we know that no matter how aggressively we grow, we won’t outgrow our software infrastructure, so now we can go back to focusing on growing and managing our business, as opposed to managing our business software.
Read more from Michael Lindsay, Managing Partner, L2K Group.

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Robert Stroud, Owner of Eclipse Technology Solutions

See what Robert Stroud, Owner of Eclipse Technology Solutions has to say about Promys’ impact on his business.

See what Robert Stroud, Owner of Eclipse Technology Solutions has to say about Promys support.

See what Robert Stroud, Owner of Eclipse Technology Solutions has to say about Promys innovation.

Promys PSA is comprehensive and easy to use

Promys is very easy to use, and all the modules share data, which makes Promys very efficient for a company where people are wearing multiple hats. The Promys combination of strong forecasting, robust project management, and extensive profitability analytics are going to be crucial in providing our executive team with the information we’ll need to keep existing customers happy and to make our growth investment decisions.
Read more from Devin, Concordia Solutions

Promys PSA lives up to its promise

The integration between the Promys modules, CRM, Opportunity, Quotation Sales Order, PM, and Help Desk is pretty seamless. This virtually eliminates re-keying info and provides our management team with excellent real-time visibility into the business. Support is responsive and knowledgeable; the implementation approach introduced best practices; and they’re proactive with education about new functionality.
Read more from Peter, Vodigo

Promys allows us to provide better customer service, profitably

Promys PSA allows us to provide real time information to our teams for better collaboration and decision making and that translates into more effective service delivery to our customers. The fact that Promys is specifically designed for technology solution providers and subsequently required almost no customization to meet our needs, combined with the Promys team’s extensive best practice knowledge for solution technology providers our size, was a real selling point for us.
Read more from Scott Sheppard, General Manager, Click Effects.

Selecting Promys was one of the best decisions we’ve made

We just went live with the Promys PSA solution and the best practice information that the Promys implementation team brought to the table was exceptionally valuable our company. The implementation and support teams were very knowledgeable and very responsive. The Promys PSA software was easy to learn and the forecasting, labour usage and margin reporting is giving us a high level of insight into the company that will help us become even more successful. Selecting Promys was one of the best decisions we’ve made.
Steven Taylor.

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