Project Visibility

Learning that a project lost money after it’s completed and investigating what went wrong is a frustrating and very expensive way to engage in continuous improvement. So is finding out a project is in trouble when it’s too late to do anything about it. Real-time visibility into the cost against budget performance of the project allows the project manager to determine at each stage of a project whether it’s on track or not. This project visibility should automatically measure your quoted estimates against the in progress actuals and initiate notifications if project tasks or assignments are overdue. Delivering this project visibility is what ensures consistent project margins and overall customer satisfaction.

Promys Project Visibility

It’s not just about providing better visibility; it’s about providing the information a Project Manager needs to stay on top of costs, ensure project profitability and customer satisfaction. For example:

  • Compare detailed labor estimates with actuals automatically as time sheets are completed.
  • Report across multiple projects or drill into the detail of a single project.
  • Escalate project tasks or assignments automatically as they become overdue.
  • Automated communication between Order Fulfillment and PM’s regarding what’s been delivered and invoiced.
  • Single screen view of all services, equipment and support, for ordered, delivered and invoiced, including change orders.

As part of the Promys enterprise business software suite, Project Visibility is provided seamlessly across projects tasks, project assignments, project scheduling and project costing modules.

More Than Effective Project Visibility: Promys project reporting gives you the web-based Project Visibility you need that is directly integrated with a complete PSA software solution and turnkey modules for all your critical business processes.

Watch our Project Management video to see what real Project Visibility looks like in action.

Promys Project Management project schedule software module

Part of our complete PSA software web-based solution.

Promys PSA Software Modules

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