For IT Solution Providers

PROMYS PSA + Integrated Quoting, business automation software, was originally developed in 1998 by a Cisco Master Partner and is currently used by some of the largest and most profitable IT solution providers in North America.

Have a Quoting module incorporated into an overall PSA solution is not about having to buy one less 3rd party module. What it really means is having all of your Quoting data and the BOM and labor estimate information that the Quote is based on, in the same centralized database as the rest of your PSA information.

This has huge implications as IT Solution providers grow and projects become more complex. Forecasting becomes more important, as well as tracking mid-project profitability. And, cycling implementation lessons learned back into the quoting process becomes a priority.

PROMYS PSA + Integrated Quoting addresses those requirements directly by providing:

  • Detailed labor forecasting by specialization
  • Real-time updates to revenue forecasts as quote revisions change
  • Compares forecasted project margin to actual project margin
  • Cycles project implementation lessons learned back into the quoting process
  • Allows forecasting by Line of Business, Manufacturer or user defined product groupings
  • Splits forecasted margin by Hardware, Services and Support
  • Transfers the Quoted labor estimate to the Project as a working budget

PROMYS also provides equally robust functionality around Order fulfillment, Project Management, Time & Expenses, Inventory, Invoicing, Help Desk and Customer Self Service portals.

This allows PROMYS users to get the seamless, real-time multi-location visibility into their business that ultimately allows them to become industry leaders in project profitability, labor utilization and customer satisfaction.

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