How do I get visibility into a current project to see if its profitable?

Incomplete information, unnecessary overtime or missed change orders can hurt your margins

Accurately tracking real-time project profitability means being able to relate the original sales information (quote/sales order) with the actual project delivery information for services, equipment and support and then being able to track any changes throughout the life cycle of the project. If this information is in different systems, it becomes a very manual, time consuming process to gather, track and compare project information in order to determine current project profitability.

Real Time Visibility

PROMYS can provide real time visibility into project profitability including:

  • Real-time project profitability analysis, including Service margins, Hardware margins and Service Contract margins
  • Real-time visibility into consumed percentage of labor, equipment and subcontractor services delivered against the original quote and sales order
  • Real-time visibility into all billable, actual and non-billable hours against a project
  • Real-time visibility regarding what’s been delivered and billed, delivered and not billed and yet to be delivered for Services, Equipment and Service contracts
  • Change orders (internal and external) are linked directly to the original sales order tracking any scope or margin changes

Because PROMYS links all information together in one system, real-time mid project profitability visibility is available to any stakeholder who needs it. This helps management align planned project margins with actual project margins.

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