CRM & Quoting Functionality for Growing Businesses

CRM software that helps your salespeople become “trusted advisors.”

Do customers perceive your sales people as trusted advisors, or just reps they get quotes from? The challenge for most sales people is that their CRM software provides little or no visibility into customer questions regarding historical purchases, current project delivery, admin, or support-related activities and so customers have to go to someone else for answers, making it difficult for your reps to become viewed as trusted advisors.

Promys Enterprise PSA CRM provides a 360 degree view of customer information that can be viewed from any mobile device

Promys CRM makes your sales team more effective by:

  • Allowing sales reps to access all customer PSA information (quotes, orders, projects, help desk, contracts, etc.,.) from any smartphone or tablet, making them just as effective on the road as when they’re in the office.
  • Providing built-in quoting that automatically updates the sales forecast when new quote revisions are sent out, reducing admin work for the reps and dramatically increasing the accuracy of the sales forecast.
  • From any Promys contact record, reps can auto dial, e-mail, or access contacts LinkedIn profiles from any Smartphone, which makes them more productive on the road.

Powerful sales forecast analytics

Promys CRM also provides much stronger sales forecast analytics by showing the forecast not just by rep or opportunity, but also by manufacturer, line of business, customer or product/labor type. This makes the sales forecast much more useful for real world planning and growth decisions.

Promys Enterprise PSA Software… the next generation of PSA software has arrived.

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