Help Desk for Growing Businesses

Worried Help Desk issues are slipping through the cracks?

Your customer base is growing, you’ve brought on some big customers, expectations are getting higher. If tickets take too long to resolve, if they aren’t escalating properly, if customers aren’t getting updates in a timely manner, then your business will struggle to retain clients.

Promys Enterprise PSA Help Desk ensures details about customer service contracts, service levels and customer assets are at your technicians’ finger tips.  Proactive updates are sent to clients, color coding and escalations ensure that all tickets are resolved in a timely manner.

Promys Help Desk makes your help desk techs more effective by:

  • Allowing help desk techs to see all customer assets under service contract/warranty or any blanket agreements right in the ticket, so they can tell clients immediately if service work is covered or billable
  • Leveraging user-defined workflow to notify clients, managers and techs when a new ticket has been created, updated or closed
  • Supporting user-defined color coding and escalations and an unlimited number of different ticket priorities

How do you offer proof of value to your customers and learn from your help desk analytics?

Promys Help Desk not only tracks individual tickets to their resolution, its reporting analytics can confirm the average respond and resolve time by customer, ticket type, priority, or resource and allow you to cycle those lessons learned back into your business.

Promys Enterprise PSA… the next generation of PSA software has arrived.

Check out our video or get the guide to buying the right enterprise PSA software for your business.

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