Best Reviewed Procurement for Technology Solution Providers & MSP’s

Getting harder to co-ordinate service delivery with product delivery and invoicing?

Your delivery team is getting busier, projects are getting larger so it’s becoming more difficult to coordinate service delivery and procurement with invoicing.  If product arrives late, service delivery schedules are impacted and invoicing and cash flow get delayed. You can’t afford the lack of coordination to result in sending a customer an invoice for the wrong materials and services.

Promys Enterprise PSA Procurement allows admin resources and PMs to see the delivery lifecycle for all project specific products and services on a single unified screen.

On a single screen, admin and PM’s can see if project specific product been ordered, back ordered, shipped, or invoiced. Promys Procurement also automates the communication between admin and PMs for what’s ready to be invoiced next. Promys makes your procurement team more effective by:

  • Showing the real-time status for all items on purchase orders, packing slips, invoices and change orders on a single unified screen
  • Tracking allocated, maintenance and rental inventory as well as customer assets
  • Quickly creating accurate invoices for services and products including progress billing

When did procurement become a customer service advantage?

Not only can Promys Enterprise PSA Procurement provide your admin resources and PMs with real-time delivery status in a single view, this information can also be shared with customers or subcontractors via the Promys customer self-service portal.

Promys Enterprise PSA Software… the next generation of PSA software has arrived.

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