Best reviewed Managed Service/Support contracts for technology solution providers & MSP’s

Unsure if your managed service/support contracts are actually profitable?

Customers are buying into long term managed service/support contracts and you’re building your recurring revenue stream. As the recurring revenue comes in and services hours go out, do you know which of your contracts are actually profitable or not?

Promys PSA Contracts supports managed services, manufacturer 3rd party, warranty and pre-paid block hours contracts. Tracks specific software/subscriptions/products under contract, as well as blanket contracts. Promys provides advance notice of expiring contracts.

Promys Contracts make your team more effective by:

  • Supports multiple contract types per customer
  • Tracks both Service Ticket and Project based work against contracts
  • Provides proactive notifications if contracts are trending towards unprofitability
  • Tracks specific software/subscriptions/products under contract
  • Provides dashboard notifications of expiring contracts based on user-defined notification dates

Your help desk techs need easy access to contract information, too.

Promys Contracts not only helps you manage contracts and renewals better, it allows help desk techs to see all customer assets under managed service/support contract/warranty or any blanket agreements, right in the ticket, so they can tell clients immediately if service work is covered or billable.

Promys Enterprise PSA Software…one of the best reviewed PSA business software solutions for technology solution providers and MSP’s.

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