How do I profitably automate my Managed Services Contracts?

How do I profitably automate my Managed Services Contracts?

Service level response times and tracking equipment under service contracts are tricky to manage

Managed Service and Support contracts make IT Solution providers more profitable. The challenge is to keep track of all the different information associated multiple service and support contracts for multiple customers and their various projects.

Measuring and Tracking Managed Services and Support Contracts

Information such as accurately tracking which customer equipment is under Managed Service or Support contract, which equipment has changed due to RMA’s or Change Orders, what the committed Service level response times are for specific equipment, how many Help Desk calls or Service calls have occurred against which Service Contracts or equipment, all of which makes it very difficult to confirm which Service Contracts are actually profitable.

PROMYS can help you with measuring and tracking Managed Services and Support contracts by providing:

  • A maintenance contract database of all equipment ever shipped to a customer, all equipment under Service Contract and any changes to that equipment
  • High visibility linkages between customer equipment under Service or Support contract and Service Level Agreements that leverage automated escalations
  • Automated tracking of Service calls per Customer, per Service Contract, or even for particular pieces of equipment
  • Automated notifications of Service Contract renewals and forecasting visibility of all equipment up for renewal within specific time periods
  • Automated tracking of BTA (Block Time Accrual) accounts, draw downs and renewal thresholds

If you are currently finding it difficult to provide your customers with an accurate list of which equipment is under service contract at time of renewal, if you’re not sure of how profitable your Service Contracts actually are, and if you’d like to become more proactive in ensuring that your contractually agreed upon Service response times are actually met, then PROMYS can help.

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