Reporting for Growing Businesses

Reporting for Growing Businesses

Worried your CRM, Help Desk, Project Management PSA reporting won’t be strong enough to support good business decisions?

Your growing business is adding new customers and employees every quarter and that’s a good thing, but yelling across cubicle partitions and impromptu lunch room meetings isn’t allowing your team to stay on top of the business the way it used to.  If your team can’t get better planning, mid-project profitability and proactive SLA compliance information, then it’s just a matter of time until you become a victim of your own success.

Promys CRM, Help Desk, Project Management PSA Reporting provides real-time visibility into utilization, mid-project profitability, help desk performance and revenue analysis.

Promys Reporting makes your team more effective by:

  • Tracking resource utilization for service calls, projects, and indirect time
  • Providing real-time visibility into mid-project profitability for labor, products and contracts
  • Highlighting average help desk response and resolve times by ticket type, priority, resource and customer
  • Analyzing revenue to determine your most profitable line of business, manufacturer, product/labor type and customer

Get the visibility and analytics you need to make intelligent growth decisions.

Promys Reporting can also tell you who your most profitable project manager or field resource is and which customers currently have end-of-life product, as well as providing extensive expense, commission, procurement and invoicing analytics.

Promys CRM, Help Desk, Project Management PSA Software… the next generation of business software for technology solution providers has arrived.

Check out our video or get the PSA Comparison guide to buying the right enterprise cloud based CRM, Help Desk, Project Management PSA software for your business.

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