Can I manage service delivery and equipment with one software tool?

Can I manage service delivery and equipment with one software tool?

Premature equipment delivery, unnecessary overtime, or missed service contract revenue occurs when you use multiple systems

As companies become involved in larger projects, the mix between various types of services, complex equipment configurations and several layers of post sales support tends to become more complicated, especially for multi-phase projects. Effectively managing this complexity in one system can lead to significantly higher margins.

Seamless Coordination

PROMYS can help you with the seamless coordination of services, equipment and support because it’s all tracked in one unified system. This will allow you to:

  • Track the impact of a single change in a project that might impact multiple departments (when to bring in equipment, schedule services or begin support)
  • Provide real time project visibility regarding what’s been delivered and billed, delivered and not billed and yet to be delivered for Services, Equipment and Service Contracts
  • Provide real time project visibility into consumed percentage of labor, equipment and subcontractor services delivered against the original project estimate
  • Provide real-time visibility into all services, equipment and support ever delivered to a specific customer

If you keep adding people to projects to help coordinate their delivery, if your people are spending more and more time in project coordination meetings and if you’re worried that the increased margins on these larger projects are being eaten up by all the manual steps coordinating and tracking them, then PROMYS can help.

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Drop you name and email address to find out more about how Promys’ business automation software closes the gap between service delivery, equipment delivery and post sales support in order to improve project coordination and profitability and reduce your risk, and we will provide an assessment of how you can improve project coordination and resource planning.

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